Google Analytics Integration Now Available

Today, we'd like to announce that you now can add a Google Analytics Property Tracking ID to your event registration and ticketing website, allowing you to track visitors, page views, traffic sources, and more to turn data into insights and insights … Read More >

Attendee Mover Now Available

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly move attendees to a different event or ticket? If you have sold-out an event quickly, then added a new time, only to have current registrants request to reschedule to the new time. You know what a pain that … Read More >

Network Updates: April 2016

Network Updates is our regular news that highlights the recent product improvements to our online event registration and ticketing website platform so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. The primary enhancements come to the Messages and … Read More >

23 Ways Event Smart is the Best Cvent Alternative

Let's talk about Cvent alternatives for online event registration and ticketing. Event Smart is an awesome alternative to Cvent for your online event registration and ticketing management website needs. Below we've listed 23 of the more obvious … Read More >

2015 Review

In 2015, we successfully helped hundreds of event organizers with their online event registration/ticketing and saved them tens of thousands of dollars in ticketing fee commissions. Event organizers are using Event Smart for a variety of events and … Read More >

Multiple Event Registration Now Available

Your audience will attend more events if they can register for more events during a single checkout. Now, your audience can easily register for multiple events at the same time with Multiple Event Registration. No other online event registration … Read More >

Promotion & Discount Codes Now Available

Incentivize your attendees to attend more events or buy more tickets with Promotions & Discount Codes. Promotions & Discount Codes adds powerful and flexible promotional pricing features to your events. You can create individual discount … Read More >

Four New Payment Gateways Available

You can now use SIM, iDeal/Mollie, Sage Pay, and Vanco to accept payments for your online registration and ticketing website. Each payment gateway works differently, they serve different types of businesses, or they focus on … Read More >

Network Update

We regularly make small enhancements to the core Event Smart service and features. We want to be sure you are aware of these enhancements so you can get the most out of our online event registration and ticketing management service. We also have … Read More >

How much money can you save with Event Smart?

Event Smart is special because you can host unlimited events for free and sell an unlimited number of tickets for free. You only pay for premium features you want. That means, the more events you host and the more tickets you sell the more … Read More >

Online Registration & Ticketing for City Tours

Online registration and ticketing for your city tours is easy with Event Smart. You can create a registration page for each event type of city tour, or you can offer online registration and ticketing for different types of tours on the same … Read More >

Ticket Selector Embed Code Now Available

We are pleased to announce a that we have added a "Ticket Selector Embed Code" feature to Event Smart. What is the Ticket Selector Embed Code? Ever wanted to make it easy for registrants to find your events? What about allowing prospective … Read More >

19 Ways Smart is Better than Brite

Wouldn't you rather be smart than brite? :) Of course in this context we're talking about Eventbrite alternatives. Event Smart is an alternative to Eventbrite for your online event registration and ticketing management needs. Below we've listed 19 of … Read More >

Round 1: Did you receive your invitation?

We have sent you an invitation to create your own event registration and ticketing website on  If you have not received your invitation to Event Smart, please get in touch via our contact form or reach out to us on Twitter or … Read More >

Event Smart is Now Open – by Invitation Only

We are excited to announce that Event Smart is now open to the public—but by invitation only. We have begun our public release process which will happen in several phases. The first phase of releasing Event Smart is granting access to individual … Read More >

How to Host 1 Million PAID Events for Free

With a Basic account on you can organize the online event registration for an 1 Million events for free. You can also sell 1 Million PAID tickets for free. You can configure an unlimited number of different types of events, and … Read More >

How to Sell 1 Million PAID Tickets – for Free

We're not talking about selling "free", $0, or "no-cost" tickets for free. We are talking about the fact that you can sell 1 million PAID tickets for free. That's right, you can use the free Basic account on to sell tickets or … Read More >